Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Photo Credit: LA Examiner

The first five top 20 acts were chosen on America's Got Talent and 75 year old comedian, Grandma Lee was one of them. The other SemiFinal contestants are: Acrodunk, Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner and the judges' pick Arcadia Broad. I have to admit, I just starting watching this show this season and I love it. When Grandma was selected to move on to the next round - I shed a tear.
Season 2's winner Terry Fator was on the show tonite and I couldn't believe this guy just locked in a $100 million dollar deal in Vegas. Wow! Who knew puppeteering was this big.
Also on the show tonite was the lovely Mrs. Cannon (Mariah Carey). Her and hubby were very playful on stage with Mariah pinching Nick's butt as they walked off the stage.
I'm glad they are not addressing Em's latest lame attack. He will shortly go AWAY!

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