Monday, August 3, 2009


MJ's personal conversations have been leaked to the internet. Don't know if this is real or made up (can't tell these days), but here they are. These phone conversations allegedly were recorded at the beginning of MJ's Dangerous tour, he's talking to a friend named Glenda. Glenda's husband, Scott, recorded the convo's. Supposedly, it was Glenda's husband who recorded them without their knowledge because allegedly, he was mistrustful of their friendship and thought that something was going on between them. These tapes were allegedly used in the molestation trial to prove that he was interested in a relationship with a woman.

MJ talks about childhood and how he used to throw shoes at Joe's head.

MJ talks about a girl who confessed she's in love with him. He says that he's gonna give it a try but he won't have sex until he's married. He says he really wants a relationship and to know what it's like to be with someone, before he dies. He talks about Tatum, the fact that he gave her a lot of material things and she just played him and the fact that it took him a very long time to get over Diana.
Wow - MJ had a serious crush on Ms. Ross.

Although I've posted these tapes, I did so to show that MJ was a human being. He loved and lost just like most of us. But one thing is definitely clear - he could not trust anyone and these taped conversations proved that.


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