Thursday, December 3, 2009


Janet, 43,  departs at LAX. The famed star is working on a new album and starring in Tyler Perry's sequel, "Why Did I Get Married Too".
She recently revealed that her realization of her brother's passing hit her at this year's MTV Video Music Awards in September, when she saw a tribute picture of him.
Janet said she had avoided anything that could remind her of Michael, after he suddenly passed away on June 25.
"It hit me before I was about to do the performance, and it hit me when we were in rehearsal."There was a huge image of him on this screen, and I started to cry. I had to step away."

 She added:
 "You know, a day doesn't go by where you don't think about him. It's always there, in every sense.  But it will get better. It's not easy, but I know with time it will get easier. But it will never be easy. It's my brother."
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Who is Janet's Bodyguard?  Just noticing that he's been with her for over a year. She did just mention that she is single.

Singer, Rihanna receives the full body LAX style search.

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