Monday, December 7, 2009


According to Radaronline, Tiger Woods' wife (Elin Nordegren) has moved out of the $2.6 million home they share with their 2 kids. An alleged source confirms that Elin is living in another home nearby.
Every since the National Enquirer got the scoop that Tiger was having an extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel, women have been dropping the dime on him daily. Every woman that Tiger has looked at - will be telling their story.

First New York bar and restaurant hostess, Rachel Uchitel, then reality/Las Vegas cocktail waitress, Jamiee Grubbs who had a 31-month affair and now aspiring Las Vegas model Jamie Jungers - who had an affair with Tiger that she told the Daily Mirror started in 2004 and lasted for two years. Just nine months after marrying Elin.
Whose got next? Are there more to come? Especially since we are hearing Tiger is paying these ladies off to keep quiet. Maybe he should have paid them off before they started looking to cash in.
Oh this just in -

Mindy Lawton, 33 yr old waitress who claims to have had an affair with Tiger for over a year.

Cori Rist is a 31-yr old woman from NY - no doubt another waitress.

Holly Sampson, 36-year old adult film actress who has appeared in several adult films.

Wow, it looks like Tiger has a thing for nannys, waitresses and adult film stars and aspiring models.

Question: Should Elin get half of Tiger's money in a divorce settlement?

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