Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So 37-year-old actor and Latin hottie, Antonio Sabato, Jr. chose the 30-year-old nurse from Jackson, MS, Brooke Barlow during My Antonio's finale broadcast Sunday on VH1. I was so hoping that he was going to choose Make-up Artist, Miranda Reinfeldt from NY or even get back together with Ex-wife Tulley Sabato. But "Brookie" as Antonio calls her - walked away with the dimpled cutie.
"I actually fell for him and like him and I wanted him. Then I got him," said Barlow after Sabato's decision. "I'm like, 'Wow!'"
Rumors are already swirling that Antonio and Brookie are no longer a couple and have been apart for over 2 months. Can you say - My Antonio: Part 2. 

When I first heard about Antonio getting a dating reality show - I was like WHY??? This is a very handsome guy - he shouldn't have any problems getting dates, but I guess when your celebrity needs a boost - get a reality show. 
Check out this interview with Antonio and his mom talk about the show.

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