Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Jennifer Lopez received a visit from one of her adorable twins today on the set of her upcoming film 'The Backup Plan' filming in Pasadena, California. Max Anthony, 15 months, dropped by to visit mommy at work! Check him out! He is so cute! Jennifer is such a fashionista and her kids are going to be styled up all the time.

He got that Lil man swagger going on!

Jennifer is also working on a new CD, she told MTV, "I'm working on an album right now. I have a few singles that I'm ... just trying to finish it up so it can be out later in the year. I already know the concept of the album and I know the title," she says. "We're just working on making it a very focused concept for this album. I'm gonna wait until I reveal exactly what it is but it'll be out soon enough."

J.Lo then addressed two songs specifically -- "What Is Love" and "One Love," which recently leaked.

"I don't know that 'One Love' is gonna be the first single. I love the song and I know that another song is out there called 'What Is Love.' You can kinda get a gist of where I'm going with [the album] I think. I love those songs and I think they're hit records but I don't know if they'll be the first singles. I just love making great pop-dance music with beautiful lyrics and that's what I always kinda go for."

Photo Credit: ODuran/Fame Pictures

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