Friday, June 12, 2009


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Heidi Klum shows off her expanding baby bump as she attends a meeting in Los Angeles. Heidi is being verbally attacked by designer Karl Lagerfeld who didn't hold back with his tongue lashes.

Image via Celebuzz

According the The Sun: In February German-born Karl Lagerfeld was blasted after saying Heidi was 'too heavy' to be a catwalk model. Now he's claimed no-one in the fashion industry knows who she is.

The French-based designer said: "I don't know her. Claudia Schiffer doesn't know her. "She was never in Paris, we don't know her."

He also had words about husband Seal, talking about his skin. He added: "I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin. "Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters."

Okay, what did I miss! Why the hate Karl? What did Ms. Klum and hubby do to him?

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