Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't like blogging about rumors but this one just grabbed my attention. Everyone knows how much I love Usher and I hate any rumors about him.
However, rumors are swirling that Usher has stepped out on his wife Tameka Raymond. Gossipers in the ATL are saying that their marriage is over because he has not been seen with his wife since October...
Radaronline and other blog sites are talking about pictures of Usher and this so called mystery woman. They have been seen around LA and Malibu (maybe she's his new publicist). According to Tameka's Tweets...she says, "the devil is a liar". I hear you girl.

Photo X17online

Usher is said to have been caught sneaking into the Sunset Marquis at 1am with chick who didn’t want to be photographed! I don't believe that this "lady" is his jumpoff. Not happening!

Story developing...

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