Friday, June 5, 2009


Former Charmed actress, Holly Marie Combs welcomed her 3rd son (wow all boys). She kept her pregnancy a secret as it was considered high risk, but has now welcomed another healthy boy into her family.

Holly Marie Combs is now a mother to three little boys. She gave birth to Kelley James Donoho on May 26th. He was delivered at 35 weeks via an emergency C-section.

The actress said that her and her husband ”didn’t feel comfortable making any announcements until everyone was home healthy.” She went on to tell Celebrity Baby blog, “We are and now it is time to celebrate. I, now a mother of three boys, will be going to take a nap!”

Holly has two other boys with her husband David Donaho. Riley Edward, 2 ½, and Finley Arthur, 5.

Taking to Twitter to voice her third trimester angst - Singer, Kelis is “so ready” to have her baby! Currently eight months and one week pregnant with her first child, a son, the 29-year-old singer writes that she has been “living in purgatory.”

“I feel like I have been pregnant forever…Okay, yeah the better part of a year! It’s an eternity.”

There are some staples of pregnancy that she hopes she’ll never see again — like leggings! “Good grief, a girl can only stand but so much Lycra in one lifetime,” she notes. “I have had enough…I want corsets and and tight jeans and platform stilettos and I want it now!”

The discomfort she describes is something most moms know all too well. “My rib cage is being attacked by my stomach which is annihilating my lungs,” she writes.

“I want this little martian now! I can’t wait — the suspense is crazy.”

Kelis’ due date is July 21st.

Source Celebrity Baby Blog

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